Episode 5: What the Zuck?

In this fifth episode of The Rationalist podcast, titled ‘What the Zuck?’, host Mike Coté is joined by a special guest for his discussion of the Zuckerberg Facebook hearings in Congress and the state of data privacy in the world today. Matt Gibbons, a fellow Boston College alum and expert on digital marketing, joins Mike to break down the latest in the Facebook ‘scandals’ and talk through the new privacy laws coming soon to the European Union. We delve into the Zuckerberg hearings themselves and discuss the relationship between tech and politics in the US. Prior to Matt joining the show, Mike talks Syria, focusing on the recent strikes by the US and her allies, the legal basis for those actions, and whether they were warranted. He gives his unique perspective on why the Trump administration hasn’t gone far enough when it comes to Syria strikes and how the US could develop a coherent, rational strategy for this awful 7-year conflict. Finally, Mike recommends an excellent World War I history, one that even the late President John F. Kennedy was reading during his tumultuous time in office.

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Segment 1: Syria Strikes

Segment 2: Zuckerberg Hearings & Tech in Politics

Segment 3: Book Recommendation

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