Episode 7: The Korea Conundrum

In this special 7th episode of The Rationalist, ‘The Korea Conundrum’ edition, host Mike Coté does a deep dive on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, focusing on the potential for a deal between the United States, North Korea, South Korea, and China.

He talks through a history of inter-Korean and North Korea-US meetings, details the background of the North Korean nuclear weapons program, and breaks down the recent summit at Panmunjom between the two Koreas. Mike discusses the potential approach the US is taking to the upcoming Trump-Kim summit, the relevance of the Iran Deal (JCPOA) to these negotiations, and a key term driving the talks: denuclearization. He gives his opinion on what should be included in any US deal with North Korea, what should definitely be left out, and what we can give them in return for meeting our objectives. Finally, Mike gives a book recommendation to help listeners better understand the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, the contemporary history of both nations, and the disparate development of the twin states.

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Segment 1: Korea Tensions & Summits

Segment 2: Book Recommendation

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