Episode 8 Part II: Identity & Tribe

In this second part of the 2-part ‘Identity & Tribe’ edition of The Rationalist, host Mike Coté and recurring guest Robb McClintock delve into the current-day American versions of identity politics and tribalism.

In this podcast, they discuss the politics of oppression and the ‘oppression frame’ many (particularly on the political left) view the world through, as well as the differences between voting for one’s personal interests and voting for group interests. They detail the different ways people can claim identities in American life and how those identities can either be innate or ‘chosen’. Before diving into a broad conversation about various examples of identity politics and tribalism in the US, they distinguish what they call ‘positive’ identity politics from the ‘negative’ version of the same approach. Finally, the hosts walk through a wide variety of types of identity politics, including the politics of racial identity, sex and gender, sexual orientation, class, and the increasing scourge of white identity politics.

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