Episode 9: Trumped-Up Diplomacy

In this 9th episode of The Rationalist, the ‘Trumped-Up Diplomacy’ edition, host Mike Coté and returning guest Cornelius Radek discuss President Trump’s unique approach to diplomatic relations with both friends and foes.

They break down the Trump administration’s general attitude towards diplomacy, how it is different from prior administrations, and what sort of impacts those choices have. After talking on the overall topic, they delve into two recent representative examples of ‘Trumped-Up’ diplomacy: the G7 summit in Canada and the US – North Korea bilateral meeting in Singapore. These two instances are excellent cases of how the President approaches diplomacy and reveal how he tends to think of our long-standing alliance relationships. The dueling summits also are a window into the mind of the President when it comes to making deals. Mike and Cornelius talk through these issues and many more related to American diplomacy in the age of Trump.

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Segment 1: G7 Meeting

Segment 2: Singapore Summit

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