Hosted by Mike Coté, The Rationalist is a weekly exploration of topics in American domestic and foreign policy, as well as deep dives into the important ideas underlying our political and policy debates. The Rationalist won’t be your standard news or politics podcast, as we will delve into the stories that aren’t consistently on the nightly news or 24-hour cable TV. You will be getting the hard facts with no bias, as well as unadulterated opinion on what’s going on in the world.

We take a long-term, centrist view of American policy, and are focused on making current events relevant to your life. We don’t just summarize the news, but instead explain how policies affect your community, break down the most important and pertinent foreign affairs issues, and delve into the concepts and ideologies behind the latest developments. We pride ourselves on being able to put current events into their proper historical and global context, and use fact-based arguments and reason to determine the best policies, not personal experience. We espouse the principles of open discussion, debate, and freedom of speech, and will not hesitate to bring you opinions and ideas from across the partisan and ideological spectrum.

Most episodes of The Rationalist will include three major sections: domestic policy/politics, foreign policy, and a conceptual focus. Occasionally, we’ll have special episodes doing deep dives on certain major issues or concepts, often with guests. Every time we come to you, we’ll be discussing different topics and will work to make the news easier to understand and filter to see what’s truly important.

For more information about the podcast in general and how we think of the world here at The Rationalist, check out Episode 0 of the show. In that initial introduction, you’ll meet the host, hear why we started this podcast, and get a good feeling of how we approach the issues. Enjoy!